InterRail Post #8: Let’s Make Like A Croatian & Split

The adventure continues into the sunny coast of Croatia where the temperature during the day reaches 32 degrees! But before we got there, we had to get there!

We took an overnight train from Croatia’s capital Zagreb to Split. We had about 3 hours in Zagreb to grab dinner while waiting for our train. We got pasta from a cheap Italian restaurant (about £10 for 2 meals and drinks!) and then went for a quick look around. We found the main square, cathedral, funicular and another church before having to head back to the station.

The overnight train was an experience, I actually got a really good nights sleep, but that might be down to the fact the train ended up arriving into Split 3 hours late, so basically got a 3 hour lie in – which by this point on the trip was much appreciated! All that walking is definitely taking it’s toll!

Sophie and I have been waiting for the Croatian segment of our trip for a while for one simple reason: Beaches. And on our second day we made the most of the skin-cancer inducing weather, took a ferry to a nearby island and spent the day in the sea :)


Sophie enjoys one of the local delicacies, Burek, for a very late breakfast. Essentially a light pastry filled with pork mince, very tasty!


The awfully hot weather made stalls like this irresistible!


Sophie grabbing a cheeky cocktail… the first of a few that day…


Sophie, not content with just a cocktail, nomming a banana split… in Split (this one’s for Charlotte :p)


The view from the top of the town’s campanile


I’m on a beach!


Enough said :)

Next stop, more sun and sea in Dubrovnik!