InterRail Post #9: Just In The Dubrovnik Of Time

Dubrovnik is a sight to behold, with its stone beaches, fabulous sunset watching spots and terracotta tiled roofs of the old town. It was the part of the trip we were looking forward to the most, and it has been a nice release being able to head down to the beach everyday and relieve our feet from the miles of walking we have already done this month.

The journey to Dubrovnik took 5 hours by coach from Split, with the Adriatic sea to our right and the old houses to our left. On arrival Charles called the man at our hostel who came to pick us up 10 minutes later, with maps, directions and recommendations, we felt like we could then make the most of our time there. Arriving at the boarding house we felt glad that we had booked somewhere in Lapad, which was 20 minutes from the bustling old town, as we were 3 minutes walk from a quiet beach, got a double room for the same price as a 4 bed shared dorm and had this view:


This day was also Charles’ 22nd Birthday so after hitting the beach for a sunset swim we went to the main promenade for dinner, coincidently we bumped into my manager from the nursery Sarah and her friend Clare  on our search for cheap cocktails (who were holidaying in the Dubrovnik for 10 days) and enjoyed a relaxing evening drinking whilst sitting on swingy chairs, win!


Charles and birthday pancakes!


He’s got the whole sun in his hands!

There’s nothing like an early morning swim, with only you and a few brave others venturing out into the waters, this is what we did on Wednesday before heading off to the old town. We walked the walls in the blistering heat, taking in views such as this:


That’s a lot of ginger houses!

Then Charles and I found the Buza bar, overlooking the sea where you can jump from the rocks!

That evening we had planned to meet up with Sarah and Clare for dinner and ice cream in the Old Town and then headed back to the cocktail bar from Tuesday (because of the ridiculously cheap deals).


Charles, Clare, Sarah and I

Now we are on a Ferry to Bari, where we will grab dinner before getting on another overnight train to Rome, unfortunately there were no beds left only seats, so an uncomfortable nights sleep awaits us. We are unbelievably excited about Rome, that post will come in two parts as we both wanted to write about it and I have a feeling there will be lots to say!

5 Interesting things about Dubrovnik

1. Stray cats are everywhere, there are even boxes for donations for cat food. One even sat on my bag when I stopped for a rest!


2. There are some very large men in Dubrovnik, however all the weight seems to convene in their bellies making them look pregnant, this became a game of spot the pregnant man (especially on beaches).

3. If you are wondering around bus or ferry ports with luggage you will be approached several times by old women asking you if you need accommodation.

4. It has had a boom of tourism in the last few years, now being a prime holiday spot, meaning you can’t move for tourists (especially in the old town).

5. Turquoise is a common stone to Croatia, the jewellery stands are full of it, and obviously me being me I couldn’t resist buying a turquoise necklace.