It’s not normally like this!

Hi again from Oz.

We are back in Sydney after our holiday from the holiday so have time for a quick post before heading off into the great wide interior tomorrow. It is currently 8:45pm on Sunday here on the day that Australia held a Day Of Mourning for the victims of the Victoria Bush Fires on what they are calling Black Monday. Not surprising the dreadful news has dominated the news agenda whilst we have been here. It has been insightful to read the news reports and articles about the horrendous experiences that individuals have had.

Of course we have not been directly affected as we have gone about our business of being tourists. On Thursday we went for a walk around the local bay before assisting Ken in collecting his daughter and family from the airport, before we headed off for a last visit into Sydney with a walk across the Harbour Bridge (at road level). A quick meal in the local Italian and then it was a three hour drive north to Forster arriving at about 1am.

Friday we had a walk along 1 mile beach before tking the boat out onto the ocal sea lake for a trip. Great ful weaving between the oyster beds.

Saturday it was off in the boat again this time on the fresh water lake off to Sandy Beach which turned out to be flooded as the water level was 1metre higher than normal (that will be the rain we had) or as K+K said letting us know ‘it’s not normally like this’. A lovely and relaxing spot only accessible by boat.

Toady we journeyed back via the Hunter Valley and a number of the wineries to sample their delights.

Off to Alice tomorrow and the start of week 2 of the great Oz adventure.

Happiness: 12/10
Workload: -7/10
Photos taken: 576
Thought for the day: I don’t think my insurance covers me for that!

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  1. >You’re certainly getting around – looking forward to seeing the pictures which may take another fortnight to view! Have a great time in Alice!

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