January: The Best Moment

January has been a varied month to say the least. Starting with a cold which had me quite down, then going back to university and a few nights out. Having lots of revision and coursework meant I was kept busy, as well as MAD TV editing which is taking up too much of my time…

But I’m going to ask the question, what was the best moment of January?

After narrowing it down to 5, I chose Sunday 17th January as my favourite day. This was the day Mum and Dad came round to cook my housemates Sunday dinner. Once they left Anne, Josh and I played poker and Uno for many hours, and it was great fun! It was just one of those impromptu evenings that was great to spend with Anne and Josh :)

I have a few more things to share this month:

You can see my pictures from my January on Facebook.

And you can watch the MAD TV Gliding Report:

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