Life is all about balance. And no more has this made more sense to me than in the past week…

All year I’ve been holding things off until “after my exams” to the point that now I more things to do than Gordon Brown has resignation letters.

Here’s the list, in what I guess could be priority order (if you find your task low down on this list then don’t worry, if it’s on the list it will be done!)

  1. Continue to build website for Quondam girls society
  2. Produce centenary video for St Stephen’s Church
  3. Organise bank account to pay rent into for house
  4. Fix a broken laptop
  5. Get a computer sorted for Victoria
  6. Build Josh a computer
  7. Fix the Parish Office computer (this one’s pre-emptive)
  8. Install Windows 7 RC on my computer
  9. Copy Olu’s tapes to DVD
  10. Cook for the family
  11. Help design a PowerPoint presentation for Stage Crew to show at fresher’s fair
  12. Sell my Knex on eBay (unless you want it)
  13. Find a new current account
  14. See the new Star Trek film
  15. Organise boat trip

And there are probably some I’ve forgotten. To be honest, once the first 2 are out the way I’ll be half way there. It’s all about prioritising tasks and managing your time effectively.

On top of all that I’ve obviously been working for Tote for the last 3 days, giving me pretty much no time to get anything done.

Don’t let this put you off, this isn’t a moan, in fact it’s quite the opposite. I love being busy, I just don’t like letting people down; and I worry that sooner or later I won’t be able to do something in time for someone.

  • Happiness: 8/10
  • Tiredness: 6.5/10
  • Last meal: At Quiz Night (thanks everyone!)
  • Song of the day: The King Blues – My Boulder
  • Thought for the day: Don’t bet £500 on a horse to win only to find that it comes second. Bad times…

3 thoughts on “Juggling”

  1. >Will you do 10 again on the 29th? Alastair would love 12! And….. If you aint been already Baz will take you to do 14 sometime around the 28th!!!!! I only hope it wasnt your £500!! x

  2. >Thank you for putting me on your very full list! I seem to be being pulled into the "twilight zone" of technological advancement!

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