July: The Best Moment

July! What a month! My first four weeks at Sony, starting climbing again, settling into the house and family.

Looking back at July, it’s the days I spent with family that really stand out. Going home for an evening after being at the Emirates stadium all day, and seeing my parents, Victoria and Beth. I really enjoyed that evening, shame they can’t happen more often!

And it’s family that scores the douze points for July. Grandad’s 80th was such a good day (and night!). Admittedly it was mainly seeing Jake and Sam and being able to get this photo:


It was also great to see my sister again. I love my sister so much and can’t wait until she moves to Guildford and I can see her every day (a boy can dream…)

The evening also held some good times. Jake and I tackled the alcohol collection full on, and had of our best banter, shame Sam couldn’t stay around to get involved.


And that brings us onto August. The summer month! Woo! I have lots planned over my weekends in August. A road trip to Phil’s pad for a birthday party is definitely what I’m looking forward too the most. There is no better banter than Lauren and Heather together… exhibit A.

Toodles x

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