June: The Best Moment

June was exam month in every sense of the word. Well, there is only one sense of that word, but that’s definitely what it was.

There were a few good points to June, despite the exams. My last day of revising was definitely one. Me and a few of my course mates spent the whole day in the library revising for our last exam. It went really well and is definitely the reason I got 77% in that exam. Oh yea, that’s right! I got my results on Thursday :P I’ll give you the full breakdown in the next post, but I got another 1st!

Anywho, back to June and the best moment. I thought this month would be hands down won by one party in particular that happens at the end of every year… but there was a very good contender.

One of my friends hired a bouncy castle for the day. It was a lovely summer day, BBQ in tow and a lot of friends and their friends. It was a great day, met a few new people and spent too many hours bouncing :)

But the best moment of June was by far the lake party. Despite not remembering more of it than I care to remember, it was such a good laugh. So many friends, the music, the atmosphere, the full English breakfast… just quality.

Heather Lake (24)

And June can’t be mentioned without a least saying something about Wimbledon! Such a quality day, honestly one of the best days of my life ever! If I hadn’t been to Wimbledon before last year this day would have won hands down, but I wanted to give it to the lake party because it was something incredible that I’d never done before.

Turns out picking a best moment for June was harder than I thought… I think because of the stress of exams right up until the end of June, the last 10 days proved to be quite special. June really was a month of highs and lows. The lake party, Wimbledon and the bouncy castle coupled with moving house, arguments and revision. A tough month, but with a well worth-while reward.

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