Ladies Day

I love working at Ascot. It’s really busy, but all the people are really friendly. I’ve been having a great time taking bets and paying out.

I’ve been working in the Royal Enclosure all week, which is where all the posh people go. Served plenty of Esquires and Lords spending £50 notes.

Today I saw none other than the legendary Andrew Lloyd Webber and the brilliant Peter Jones. Oh yea, and the Queen.

Working at the Tote you have to balance your till at the end of each day, so far at Ascot I’ve done quite well. On the first day I was 5p over because one man didn’t take all his payout. Yesterday I actually balanced correctly, and today I was £5 over. So overall I’m not doing badly so far (watch now I’ve jinxed it I’ll be miles out tomorrow).

Josh has been staying over because it’s easier to get to Ascot from Balham than Dunstable (where he lives). We’ve been having banter and went to The Bedford for some live music yesterday with James. Really liked the sound of a guy called David Place, so we bought his album; check out his MySpace page.

  • Happiness: 9/10
  • Tiredness: 1/10
  • Last meal: Bangers & Jackets (sausages & potatoes)
  • Song of the day: The King Blues – My Boulder (again)
  • Thought for the day: If that horse wins I’ll eat your hat!

PS Sorry, forgot to say that you can see loads of photos of Ascot here.