London Calling

Sorry about the long gap between posts. I’m writing this now so that later when I meet everyone and they say “you haven’t posted on your blog since tuesday” I can say “you mean, you haven’t read the lastest one?” So there you go.

Anyway. My week. Yes. It’s been alright. Me and Josh went swimming on Wednesday, what can I say, I’m sure your all familiar with the whole swimming thing.

Maths test on Thursday was very depressing. I had done plenty of revision, but certain elements of the test just proved to be awkward. Good to see Maths tests returning to what they used to be, painful!

Also on Thursday I had a test in Labs, however that went a bit better as it was very easy. So overall a balanced day at the very least.

Friday. This week our Programming lectures were rejigged so both were on Friday. That was good news for me and I’m finding the programming very interesting at the moment, and this week was no exception. Friday afternoon labs were learning how to use a pillar drill. I thought this would be a fun excercise that I had been looking forward to. It turns out it wasn’t as much fun as I had hoped.

That brings us to Friday night. Helped Stage Crew in Rubix for the Austin Powered themed night. That was good fun, especially seeing the actual Mini Me from the movies!

Saturday I managed to get a bit more sleep than I wanted, resulting in me being an hour late getting into London to watch the new James Bond with an old school friend.

In the evening I was treated to Pizza Express with Mum, Dad, James, Eileen, Victoria and Sarah. Always great to catch up. Needless to say that lots of Heroes and James Bond was discussed.

Anyway got to go, your all arriving…