Another week, another flight to Switzerland. I’m still having the best year ever and travelling over the Swiss alps every week for work.

I know in my last post I tried to justify how little I’ve been blogging recently by saying what I’ve been up to, but there is another reason. I’m kind of doing the same thing every week… Work in Switzerland Monday to Friday, then try and live my life at the weekends. That usually constitutes more travel and catching up with as many friends as possible.

Now we’re in May it’s beginning to dawn on me how this phase of consistency in my life is coming to an end. In 2 months time I’ll have moved out of my current house and be living with a friend for 2 weeks before moving into my new house. I know I still haven’t got around to that accommodation post yet, but it is brewing. Not only will I be moving out of my current house, but my current housemates and lots of my other friends will finish university and leave Guildford for good. And that smells far too much like growing up for my liking. Friends going out into the big-wide world: travelling, teaching, moving back in with parents… It’s scary to think I’ll be walking through that door in only 12 short months. And if they go half as quick as the last 12, it’ll be coming sooner than I can possibly imagine…

Since I haven’t done a “moments” post for a while let’s get you up to speed.

  • Day in London with Charlotte. Went to a vegan all-you-can-eat restaurant, Covent Garden, met up with Beth, went to Camden market, saw Lifehouse live, went home and saw Becky… it literally couldn’t be any better.


  • Going to Weymouth town and visiting the cider bar!


  • Games night playing Cranium and Twister
  • Sat at the bus stop in Lugano in the sunshine after missing our flight…


  • Getting a Mercedes convertible as our hire car. Driving in the sunshine by the lake with the top down…


  • Going on a pub crawl in Amsterdam

  • Hiring a bike in Amsterdam and getting royally lost

  • Going to an amazing steak house in Switzerland with the customer and having a horse steak.
  • Getting very drunk on a bottle of port on the boat trip and going on a midnight mission to get McDonalds chips.


  • Having a BBQ in Birmingham in the glorious sunshine, miraculously meeting up with Adam Hurd and going rowing in the dingy with hundreds of people watching.


  • Having my first pint of Guinness on the boat trip.
  • Drinking 4 pints of very strong Cider with Katherine on the boat trip, then all staying up until 5am.


And that’s all for this time, I swear I have actually started writing the Accommodation post, and the first one will be ready very soon!

  • Happiness. 9 out of 10
  • Tiredness. 2 out of 5 (my special power is sleeping on public transport) 
  • Free Time. 1.5 out of 5
  • Last Meal. Steak :P
  • Song of the day. Creed – One Last Breath
  • Thought for the day. May the fourth be with you…
  • What I’m Doing Now. In Switzerland until the 12th May…