May: The Best Moment

May, a month of two halves. It all started with Jake coming to visit….


It was such a great few days. We went to Rubix, had a BBQ and went to town… and there was non-stop banter all weekend.

After Jake left there was the small matter of coursework to attend to. I spent the next two weeks working very hard on two bits of coursework and finishing off a third. Come the 24th of May I was a free man… well, expect for those exams looming, but we prefer not to mention those…

Only a couple moment’s really stand out for me from May since Jake left, but that’s not because life has been boring, it’s just because it’s at such a high all the time the great moments blend in and it’s only the extraordinary that makes a lasing impact.

So what made the lasting impact this month? The runner-up is the Student Awards. MAD TV won best Special Interest Society of the Year, Mike Frazer won Best Student Media and MadSoc won Best Society. Everyone had such a brilliant evening and no-one was as impressed as I was with the ‘MAD umbrella’ walking away with so many awards!


I guess the reason this night doesn’t make number one is because I didn’t win Student Trainer of the Year award. That would’ve been the icing on the cake, but alas, the best man won, and congratulations to Matt Clifford.

So the best moment of the month was in fact Frankie and Mike’s joint birthday BBQ. Last Saturday was such a lovely day for a BBQ and it was brilliant to spend it with loads of friends in the garden soaking up the sunshine.


As a consequence of conversations that happened that evening, my plans for the summer could be changing quite drastically. Once the tenancy finishes on my current house at the end of June, I planned to live at home for 6 weeks before moving into the new house in mid-august. But, Frankie and Claire, the left two girls in the above picture, may have a spare room for me at their house. That’ll make it a lot easier to commute to Basingstoke and I won’t have to worry about moving all my stuff back home and back again. I’ll hopefully find out in the next few days what is happening, but I’m really excited about the possibility :D

It is customary for me to ‘pre-hash’ the coming month at this point in these posts, but since June is exam month, I’d rather not. Instead, here’s a picture I took on Saturday of a regular sight in our house… tickle time.


Speak to you soon :) x