Mixed Reviews

So, on one hand this has been a bad day, and on the other it has been a good day. You decide:

Bad Day

  • I learned that I have two lots of lab prep to do this week. That means I have this weeks lab prep, next weeks lab prep and this new lab prep for a few weeks time that needs to be done for a tutorial on Monday.
  • Realisation that this week is gonna be busy! Lab prep, programming work due in, maths questions for Monday and electronics questions for Friday.
  • Gave my presentation. Mid-way through my voice went and I had to drink lots of water to talk. It was really weird, it was like my voice box just died. Got good when you’re trying to give a presentation worth 15% of the module’s mark.

Good Day

  • Despite the technical glitch with my voice box, I managed to get a straight 100% mark in the presentation. I guess you can’t say fairer than that.
  • Managed to go to Tesco so I won’t starve to death.
  • Had pork noodles for dinner. Then, for dessert, had apple pie and ice cream. Now that’s always a good day…

I think it pretty much evens out.

  • Happiness: 8/10
  • Workload: 8/10
  • Last meal: Pork Noodles, apple pie and ice cream! (not all together, obviously. Although……)
  • Thought for the day: The Triangular Probability Density Function, Dither, Phase-code Modulation Analogue-to-Digital Conversion and other such exciting things

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