my first bike-to-run workout

This is my first official week of joint half marathon and iron-man training. For the next 8 weeks I’m going to swim twice, cycle twice and run three times every week.

I started off the week with a 1100m swim at the local pool. Being January, the leisure centre are now handing out flyers for gym membership with NO JOINING FEE which, for the first time in my life, I didn’t immediately throw in the bin. Still won’t take them up on the offer, though.

That evening I went for my interval session of the week. This week’s sprints were 1km long, with five in total and a 200m jog/walk in-between. I averaged a 3:40/km pace for the sprints.

After work on Tuesday one of my office-mates, Barney, and I went for a 33km long cycle ride. We rode down to Richmond, then to Hampton Court before heading back North along the A312, skirting around Heathrow Airport. It was great fun. It was supposed to take an hour, but it ended up taking more like 90 minutes… Still a lot to do to improve my speed on the bike.

Wednesday morning started with another 1100m swim, then I went for an 11km tempo run along the Thames at lunchtime. The south bank next to Kew Gardens is a lovely stretch to run along, even if the route back through Brentford is a bit uninspired. I was happy averaging a 4:20/km pace overall.

Thursday morning I entered the gym at work for the first time in 2019 for a spin class. I learnt from last time and brought a towel with me this time, and I’m glad I did. I didn’t know I had that much sweat in me!

On Friday I tried something new that will have to become a staple of my triathlon training over the next 6 months. It’s something called a Brick session, which is when you bike ride for ~45 minutes and then straight away go for a ~15 minute run. The aim of these sessions is to get used to the feeling of running after cycling. I actually found it less jarring than I thought I would, but I still think I’m not pushing enough on the bike to be completely shot for the run like I will during the iron-man.

Dodging the swans of Southall on my weekend long run

Saturday is long run day, so I set off for a 19km run around one of my old routes from marathon training last year. I always love running along the canal so this was a great end to a busy training week. I ended up running 20km at a 4:42/km pace.

That ends a good week of training. Good to get some decent cycling in, although I’m realising that I need a better bike to make the most of these sessions. As for the running, I’m back up to pace after a slump over the Christmas period. The swimming is getting there, but I still need to work on a better breathing technique.