My First Full Weekend

Went to river sports day. It was an event held down by the river in town where teams competed in several events including canoeing, tug of war and water gladiators. You can see one of the canoe races in the first picture.
In the evening, we had a big game of Monopoly in the kitchen, see picture 2. Needless to say it went on for about 3 hours before we gave up and went to bed.
Went to Tesco in the morning for my weekly shop. Then made a cheesecake. Watched the Grand Prix. James came over and we had lunch in the Chancellors, the union bar. Showed him round the campus and intorduced him to a few people. Once James left, I got myself ready for the start of my lectures tomorrow and ate some cheesecake.
Lectures start at 9am and finish at 1pm. Will be interesting to see the format and how much work i’m given. I’m excited about it, but also know it will be the start of a lot of hard work.

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