My first publication!

The rule of thumb is that when you’re doing a PhD you should have at least one publication under your belt by the end of your first year. After 18 months I was a bit late to the party, but on May 21st I finally got accepted to a conference – and on my first try!

Dear Mr. Charles Gray:
Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that your manuscript ‘A Particle Filtering Approach to Salient Video Object Localization’ has been accepted for presentation at ICIP 2014

The conference is the International Conference on Image Processing, which this October is being held in Paris. It’s a huge conference, but the prospect of presenting my work is actually far more exciting than daunting. As a PhD student I rarely get the opportunity to talk about my work with other people, so I’m quite excited about finally getting that opportunity and feedback.

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So what is the actual thing I got published? It’s a paper which describes a new method for identifying and tracking objects such as cars, people and animals in a video. While there are plenty of approaches for solving this problem already, my method has the advantage of giving motion details for the object too, such as it’s movement and rotation.

I’m excited about getting my first paper published, it’s quite a weight off my shoulders. Now I need to work towards the next publication… the fun never ends!

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