My trip details

Hello once again,

I'm writing this on the train to work ahead of another busy day in the office. However, now it's not all about the system build like it has been for the past few months…

And thats because the system is currently being shipped to Lugano ahead of our visit on monday. Since the last few days have proved very informative I thought I'd share some of what I know about this exciting adventure with you.

I'm flying out on Monday. The flight consists of 2 legs: one from london heathrow to zurich and then from zurich to Lugano. The flight to zurich is a couple of hours and the last stretch is only half an hour.

The caveat about the latter is that it's a small local 'shuttle' flight on a two propped plane. The plane is 3 seats wide and has the mission. Of flying over the alps and into lugano, which is right next to a lake. This drastic change in altitude results in a perculiar landing trejectory and often dramatic terbulance. One of the last times a work collegue travelled there the air hostess managed to drop the tannoy mic twice while she was explaining the severity of the terbulance. So I have that to look forward to.

We arrive in Lugano on Tuesday morning after an overnight stay in Zurich on Monday evening. Then I spend the week working on installing the system. That's the bit I can't really say much about on here, and just as well because I'd probably loose most of you. However, I can link you to a recent Sony press release on the subject.

I have been given a work phone while i'm out there, but I'll be using Skype to contact friends and family, so if you've got skype let me know your details!?!

I'm initially only out there for 1 week because we're flying back next weekend :) since the hotel we're staying at doesn't have any laundry facilities it's probably for the best :p

I'm really looking forward to this trip (as you may be able to tell) and I'll make sure to take my camera and keep you updated :D