Near Life Experience

I’m having a brilliant time at work at the moment. Lots of responsibility and lots to do. Not to mention lots of Switzerland action!

Just checking my emails :P

This week there wasn’t a day when I didn’t finish work after 9pm, it got to one point where all the restaurants were closed and we had to resort to a Burger King! And when you’re in Switzerland, that’s not the cheap option either… £25 for 2 large meals :S

There are brilliant moments that life throws at you, and I’ve used this blog many times to re-live those. But right now there are no moments. Every day is like living a dream. OK, over-exaggeration points, but who can’t smile at this sight every morning:

Good morning Lugano!

Sure, there are things that bug me, things that sometimes play with my mind or make me wonder why I even bother. But the key is to not take life too seriously, take it in your stride and ride the wave.

Today my workmate and I missed our flight back to the UK by 1 minute. We started twigging that we might be up the infamous creek without a paddle when we’d been stuck in a VERY long line of traffic for over 20 minutes and had barely moved :S

When we finally got to the airport, which can be best described as a big house (for those that think of Heathrow when I say the word airport), we had to wait a couple hours before our next flight which meant spending a couple more hours in the glorious Swiss sunshine, watching the sun glisten off the local stream and sample another 1/2 of the best beer around. Worst day of my life…

Missed our flight :(

All this work in Switzerland has meant quite a dramatic change in lifestyle from what I’m used to. Here are a few statistics from my 2011 so far:

  • Days spent in Switzerland: 41 out of 77 (53%)
  • Days spent in Guildford: 25 out of 77 (32%)
  • Days in the Sony Office: 9 out of a possible 53 (17%)
  • Number of flights taken: 34
  • Amount of Chocolate bought: NONE!

And Cardiff, Weymouth and London on my travels! I’m off to Amsterdam next weekend with a few mates from university to see how much of it we can paint red (I hear that some of it is already sorted…if you know what I mean :P)

  • Happiness. 9 out of 10 (let’s not get carried away)
  • Tiredness. 2 out of 5
  • Free Time. 2 out of 5 (but not up to much this weekend)
  • Last Meal. Toast and a beer
  • Song of the day. Lifehouse – Everything
  • Thought for the day. Leave more time to get to the airport!
  • What I’m Doing Now. Sat on a plane… number 34!

PS promise I won’t leave it as long before the next post :S