Never Too Late

I can’t hear forever that is just a word
No time for sweet nothings I just don’t deserve
To pursue all my dreams when all courage is blurred
I can’t make a start before I lose my nerve

My life can begin when the comfort can end
When regret can’t be made from the smiles we can mend
Imperfection will come when the perfect arrives
And the shadows will shine on through everyone’s lives

A quicker life written when written in twos
And the words that are written my way cannot lose
Any dream can go bad when it’s thought to decay
And I’m busy too busy doing nothing today

We’ll never be younger than we are tonight
So fill all my memories without a fight
Be my Sunday morning like there’s no tomorrow
And never let our beating hearts feel more sorrow

Breathe through the oxygen take me away
Talk less and say more in this moment I pray
You can’t find yourself you’ll just have to create
Be who you can cos it’s never too late

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