New Beginnings…

I started blogging when I started university on request of my sister, who wanted to know how I was getting on… over the years my blogging habits have gone through many stages: informal, informative, rambling, necessity, diary, reflective…

When I knew I was going to be doing a PhD, I bought this website hoping that at some point I would make something cool that I would want to show the world… weather that thing be as a result of my research, a photograph, a video, a website or something else, this is my new home for sharing my creations.

I still plan on posting my goings on when it’s relevant, but I think this blog needs to suit my new pace of life that cannot keep up with regular posts like I used to back at uni. The 190 days since my last post have been incredible!

  • I have been playing around with WordPress by updating my local church website to something more easily update-able, see St Mary’s website here.
  • Graduated, that was a big one… I actually haven’t uploaded any photos of my graduation to the internet yet so I’ll put those up here in the next week or two
  • I presented MADTV’s last ever newsbite, which you can watch in the previous post
  • I worked for Sony PSE over the summer as a Systems Engineer, involving trips to Switzerland and Paris with more photos to show you
  • Tourist day in London, because it’s a shame you’re never a tourist in your home town…
  • I travelled California for 4 weeks, photography highlights will most definitely be coming soon and include San Francisco, LA, Vegas and the Grand Canyon
  • Went to the British Machine Vision Conference 2012, highly relevant to my PhD and held in Guildford this year!
  • Alton Towers with my sister for Halloween
  • Got chased around London by Zombies, hear me scream like a girl on my YouTube channel
  • Recently, going to Scotland for the annual family Christmas meal, and got some great snaps of Loch Lomond I plan to share with you all

That brings you about 1% up-to-date with what’s been going on, but subscribe to the RSS feed so you don’t miss the next update.