No Socks

Today was one of those days I like to call no socks days. They are basically days where you don’t do much, and the things you do do don’t require the use of socks. I re-installed windows on my computer (A test version of Windows 7), this time without loosing all my data. Caught up on Click, the BBC technology program, and generally chilled out.

Those who read with a keen eye may have noticed I was supposed to be working today, well I worked on Friday and they told me that I wasn’t needed on Saturday. Because they are training up people for Ascot next week, those yet to go to a race day were given priority over me because they needed the practice, whereas I’m already brilliant at my job, obviously :-)

Work on Friday was particularly slow, it was a quiet day and I only made 97 sales, nothing compared to the 300’s I was taking for the Derby.

Thursday with dad was a day well spent. Good Father-son time spent in the shadow’s of a huge house listening to “Life, The Universe & Everything”, the 3rd book in Douglas Adam’s superb trilogy of 4 books (which has 5 books in it). Possibly the best books you’ll ever read, especially for the wit and humour of Douglas Adams, who has the ability to make you see the universe in a new light. Just take Bistromatics for example. I love these books, it’s just such a shame more of society hasn’t read them as quotes from them are lost on most people.

Tomorrow I’m going to Sophie’s house to watch Down To You, something we’ve been meaning to watch for ages.

Hope you all have a great weekend, and make sure your next relaxation day is a No Socks Day.