Not a special post!

Hello again! Wasn’t that fun? All those special posts in a row? Lovely.

Anyway, back to why were here. University. And I’m back! Yup, a week early. Got back yesterday actually. Why? Because I have lots of work to do.

I know I haven’t been talking about what I’ve been doing the last week, so maybe I should briefly fill you in.

I was at my sisters until Tuesday, which was great. We went to a Steelers match (that’s ice hockey to most people) on Sunday which would’ve been better if we didn’t get thrashed, but nethertheless.

Since Tuesday I’ve been at home partying. Well, partying on Thursday night, the rest of the time I was getting stuff ready and chilling with my cousin.

The party itself went amazingly. I had an amazing time with 9 of my  friends. Midnight crept up quick and I almost missed it being in the toilet at the time, but it was still cool. After that we stayed up watching films until 7am :D

My new years resolution is to make 2010 everything that 2009 was: I want to get a good grade, spend time with friends, make new friends, and generally have the time of my life. If there was one thing I might have to change it would be to slow down, I might just be doing too much sometimes. I also need to stop putting off work so that I have the free time to spend with friends instead of not having it but doing it anyway. Spring semester is always a bit of a party time, but this is when work has to take priority (as much as it pains me to say it…)

  • Happiness. 4 out of 10 (I’ll explain later…)
  • Tiredness. 4 out of 5 (despite sleeping until 1pm)
  • Workload. 10 out of 10 (damnit!)
  • Last Meal. Chinese takeaway (2nd day in a row…)
  • Song of the day. Lily Allen – Who’d Have Known
  • Thought for the day. Integrity is what black eyes were invented for
  • What I’m Doing Now. Wanting a hug :’(

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