November: The Best Moment

November can be summed up in one word: Switzerland!

It’s been such a different month to the rest of the year and now it’s over I can’t decide if I’m sad it’s finished, but I know that it’s given me another new perspective on life.

But this post is about the moments, the seconds, that will stay with me from that month for years to come.

The first has to be the first day off when we went up Mont Bré and on the funicular railway. The views were stunning and we had a great time discovering a new part of the world.

The second day off has to be another highlight, and whoever idea it was to go back up Mont Bré in the fog was inspired. Sure, the view was questionable, but for the hilarity that the snowy mountain roads brought, and the pictures of us “admiring the view”, it was totally worth it!

That evening we lugged our chocolate stash back to the hotel and lay it out on the floor. The gravity of our purchase hit me and I couldn’t control my laughter. We all ended up laughing for ages at how ridiculous the sight before us was, and that has to be my favourite moment of the month. Not only because of those few minutes, but because of the stupid conversations it started for many days after and the eventual saga involved in exporting the chocolate from the country.

Take a look at the photos if you haven’t already, they tell a great tale :)

November feels like an isolated month, and now i’m home it feels like it never happened. None of my friends were there so it won’t really come up in conversation. It’s just a thing that happened, that has so many great memories. I feel more like an adult now.

December is always a crazy month, my main concern at the moment is that I have a university report to write due in 2 weeks time that I haven’t even started :S But once that’s out of the way, this month is just going to get better and better…

I’m planning on something similar to last year where I count down the top 40 moments of the year, and a few other things to look back at another great year! While I may have lost a summer to work, I’ve gained an experience of a lifetime… and the best part is it’s only just begun!

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