One Hundred Years of Solitude

That’s a wrap. Had a great time celebrating the end of term in Rubix on Friday. It was definitely the best night I’ve had in Rubix. It was also the first time I can recall that all my housemates had come out together. Of course, once we left Rubix at 3:30am, it wasn’t worth going to sleep. So I had some chips and a coffee and watched the grand prix qualifying.

Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton on the podium! What a great start to the season. Can’t wait for the second race in Malaysia this weekend!

Saturday afternoon I was picked up and brought home. It’s weird, yet again, to find myself in the same place. Nothings changed. Actually, scrap that, the toilet seat is new. But other than that, it’s like entering a time capsule of your childhood. I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy coming home, it’s brilliant to see Mum, Dad and James again, but it lacks the same ethos as uni. Where are the parties? The music? People wandering into my room just for a chat? I do miss uni.

This week is about knuckling down to do some hard work. Exams are just around the corner and I will be prepared. I’ve just finished a 3 hour session this morning on analogue electronics. Talk about the tip of the iceberg…

This afternoon I’m going to a reunion of sorts. Back to sixth form for an informal meet up with old friends and teachers. Definitely looking forward to that, it’s gonna be another one of those time capsule things though isn’t it?

  • Happiness: 7.5/10
  • Workload: 7.5/10
  • Last meal: Cereal! Don’t start…
  • Thought for the day: Even with the best of maps and instruments, we can never fully chart our journeys.

PS Check out the 80+ new pictures in the Flickr stream! (that’s the thing on the right)

PPS The name we all came up with for our new house was “Zion”. That’s why the post was titled Zion, its the name of the house!