Paris and Owls

I’ve finally added a few more Paris photos to the post from a couple weeks ago, so go back and have a look! On halloween we (aptly) ventured into the Paris catacombs, an underground street that was filled with the bones of over 6 million Parisians. In the late 18th century after cemeteries above ground were quite literally full to overflowing, the king ordered the relocation of Parisian dead from their graves into the newly discovered underground ‘mines’. The mines came about during the construction of buildings in Paris, as the limestone deposits underfoot provided ideal building material without the need for costly transportation, but when a house collapsed into a previously forgotten mine in 1774, the French lamented the laziness of their ancestors. It’s a fascinating 2.5km walk, if a bit morbid, especially considering there is literally nothing between you and the bones.

In other news, Emily and I went to an owl sanctuary in Kent a couple weekends ago and got to hold and fly owls! It was so cool and very interesting to find out more about these fascinating birds.

And a few more:


Exciting news to come next week…

Charles x