Part 1: Wicked & Good Citizen

The last few days have been brilliant!

On Friday I went to Josh’s birthday BBQ at his house, i got to meet two of his long time friends who were really funny and great to talk to. We had a huge bonfire and lots of marshmallows.

I stayed over the night to avoid the havoc that ensued last time I left somewhere really late and didn’t get the last tube, bad times…

In the morning I was dropped off at the station and made my way to Victoria to see Sophie and get our tickets for Wicked.

The performance was the Matinee at 2:30 so in the meantime we grabbed some food (and Pimms). On our way back to the theatre it looked like there was a robbery happening at a shop, a guy ran out quickly followed by the police. The guy had gone down a back alley, but the Police didn’t notice. They we’re asking the small crowd “where’d he go?” so I pointed towards the alley not really thinking about it. They ran off. Then one of his friends who had been watching the whole thing (not a very good friend if they we’re just watching to be honest) then started lecturing me about what I’d just done and the fact that his friend would probably end up in jail. He was threatening to punch me in the face. Eventually he got fed up with following me and pushed me into a post. He said “I know where you live” and ran off back to his friend. I was quite shook up and really glad that we were heading away from home so he wouldn’t know where I lived. Sophie was really good at calming me down and my heart rate was back to normal in no time.

We managed to get some really great seats for Wicked on row X (I know, sounds far away) but we had a great view of the whole stage.

After the show, which was brilliant, we went a’ wonderin’ and found the queens house. We also stumbled into a couple thousand gays who were gathered for London Gay Pride in Trafalgar Square.

That evening (after getting home without a single sight of the guy who ‘knew where I lived’) I packed my bags and generally got myself ready to move into my house on Sunday!

stay tuned for part 2, coming very soon, to see the house!