Relax, Don’t Do It

Hello again. Still having fun here in sunny Guildford. In fact, it was so sunny today I think I uttered the words “it’s too hot”, woops I’ve jinxed it now…

Thursday was a relaxing day. Got a few things done (like shopping), but otherwise it was just lounging around. I made a mean lasagne in the evening, which I had leftovers of today. Otherwise I’ve been catching up on sleep and loving not worrying about work.

Today I went ice skating with Josh, Josh’s girlfriend Jess & sister Iola (not sure if that’s actually how you spell her name). It was great fun. Iola has been doing figure skating lessons so could skate really well. We were playing ‘tag’ on the ice for a while and Iola gave me a real run for my money. Don’t think I’ve ever skated that fast before!

This afternoon/evening was spent playing UNO with Sophie & Phil, good times. Tonight I’m going out to Rubix for a spot of clubbing. Not sure how much fun it’ll be after the failure of a time a had out a few weeks ago, but I’m willing to give it another shot. It all depends on the music and who you go with at the end of the day.

The thought of leaving next week is starting to wear at my mind, it’s going to be really sad, but I’ll try and manage to get through it retaining what little dignity I have left.

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  1. >“Just snog her face off!” ey? Wise words indeed. I didn’t take Josh for a philosopher :-)

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