Results: Part 2

First re-acquaint yourself with this post from May: Bad-arse!

<40% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80%
Fail Pass (D) C B A S (super)
  • Labs: 78% (below my 80% prediction)
  • EDPS: 89% (joint highest in the year)
  • Programming: 88% (i thought this would be my best module)
  • Maths: 80%
  • Electronics 1: 96% (highest in the year)
  • Electronics 2: 89%
  • Electronics 3: 73%

Overall: 84.1% (second highest in the year, highest was 84.7%)

So that means I can be happy to hear I’ll be a Surrey for another year yet, they can’t get rid of me that easily…

I’m sure Josh won’t mind me saying he got 74.3%, so we’re both very happy. The other people I’ve spoken to have also done really well, so fingers crossed I’ll be seeing more of everyone next year!

May this merely be the start of many celebrations…

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  1. >WOW WOW WOW !!!!


    Veryt well done, we'll definitly raise a glass to you!!

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