Running into the new year

This week: 4 runs. 1 ride. 1 swim.

The last run of 2018 was not a torpid jaunt as its name would suggest. Instead it was my weekly interval training run, which this time consisted of three 2400m sprints with 400m jogs in-between.

I managed the sprints at a 4:00/km, 4:21/km and 4:14/km pace. I was aiming for a 4:00/km, but I couldn’t manage it. I’ll put it down to a Christmas food hangover.

The run was around Wandsworth Common, which was very busy with families and dog-walkers, but I still enjoyed running around where I grew up… it seems a lot smaller now than I remember.

The following day, and a few drinks later, it was time for the first run of 2019. This was a gentle one with Emily and Kirstie around Tooting Bec Common this time. Another place I remember from my childhood, but unlike Wandsworth Common, now somehow seems bigger… maybe it was the hangover.

Kirstie, Emily and I after the new years run

On Wednesday I decided to do another long cycle ride after the successful ride to Windsor with Andy last week, this time on my own. After starting off with (another!) puncture, I headed down to the River Thames by Hampton Court Palace and then round Richmond Park. I totalled 62km in 3 hours and really enjoyed it, but it has made me realise that I need to look at getting a proper road bike. The hybrid I have is great for my commute, but it’s too heavy to get much above 30km/h.

Thursday evening was when I did my next fast run. 11km with km 2,3,6,7 and 8 at threshold pace. I was really happy with how I felt on this run and all of my fast km’s were under a 4:00/km pace which is what I was aiming for. I even managed my first KOM on Strava! Many more to come I hope.

Friday I had an early start and dragged myself down to the 50m pool for some lengths. I really got into it and completed 1700m before they kicked everyone out to change the lane setup.

Then, after a big breakfast, I rounded off the week with a 16km long run. I ran 7km along the canal and then up and down Horsenden Hill. Horsenden Hill is a 500m, 8% uphill. It was not fun, but it did slow me down to finish the run at my target 4:50/km pace.

Nearly at the top of Horsenden Hill, half way through Friday’s 16km long run

Next week I’m skiing (read: trying not to die) in the French Alps so running should be interesting…

PS This week I also signed up for the Richmond Marathon in September and the All Nations Sprint Triathlon in May. Bring on 2019!