Snow Day: Reloaded

So it was another no show for lectures today. Gave me and Josh another chance to do some work. Not that we took full advantage of that chance. We may have played a bit of online gaming, listened to music and slept. But there was a bit of work in all that al well.

After all, it’s not everyday you get to be so blasé about snow!

The mood was good. I got some laundry done, although I didn’t think a 38 minute cycle would take an hour!

The best part is that on Wednesday’s I only have a 1 hour Maths lecture all day. So is that a 2 day week?

Anyway, there were some casualties: climbing club was cancelled due to the lack of an open climbing wall. I’ll probably go tomorrow.

Teaser: I might be coming down to London at the weekend.

  • Happiness: 9/10 (I can’t make it 10, that’s just bragging)
  • Workload: 6/10 (probably 10, but I haven’t been given it yet, hence the high happiness rating)
  • Last meal: Josh made lasagne (well, heated lasagne)
  • Thought for the day: More snow on Friday, anyone?

One thought on “Snow Day: Reloaded”

  1. >Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday for us lot in snowy Dronfield. As long as the schools and shops stay open Ill be happy, even if I cant even see my car! Mind you I aint seen it since Sunday night… so no change there then!

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