Special Post #11: The forgotten bits

This post will cover the parts of the last week that are easily forgotten. These are the little things that make the week special, not a night in a club, but a small part of the bigger picture.

1. The Notebook – In the last week I read The Notebook by Nicolas Sparks. It’s similar to the film, but easier to be drawn in by the sadness of it all. Essentially a love story about a summer romance that was never forgotten, it tells a heart-breaking story of Allie and Noah meeting again after 14 years apart. It’s a testament to the book that I read it in 2 days, the quickest I’ve ever read a book. The writing style is very cut and dry, telling the story straight without drooling on for paragraphs with descriptive prose. Overall I would put it as a must, must read for anybody who wants to feel the beauty of true love is possible. I’ll stop now before I loose all my manly-ness.

2. MadTV – This is the group I am part of that is trying to create a weekly show for the students of Surrey University. I am now the Technical Director and therefore in charge of filming and editing all the shows. We had a meeting to discuss the plans for next year such as getting new talent and starting up a sort of soap opera.

3. Packing – When dad came round on Thursday and we borrowed a Tesco shopping trolley to move my things from my room to the car. The problem is we only had this bright idea on the last trip!

4. Colorweb – Stage crew hired a giant ‘web’ of lights to backdrop the stage for end of year show. It looks absolutely amazing and was great fun to play around with. God only knows what it must’ve looked like if you were drunk and wearing 3D glasses…

5. Gibbo DJ – One of my friends, Tom (AKA Gibbo) managed to get a one hour DJ slot in the unions bar below Rubix on Thursday night. Have to say it wasn’t exactly my kind of music, but it was cool to have someone you know DJ-ing!

6. Ghostbusters – One of stage crew’s traditions is to dance to Ghostbusters whenever it is played. This happened twice this week in quite a cool way. On Thursday Gibbo played a punk version as part of his set and on Friday the 3D-Disco people played it with 3D ghosts coming out of the screens! Both quite new takes on the usual.

7. Pan-Tilt – Getting to play with the new remote control camera from stage crew on friday. It’s about twice the size of the other cameras we have of that type and can take some pretty cool shots. Boys and their toys…

8. The Lake – I know I was only going to do specifics but the whole lake party was magic. I managed to bump into pretty much everyone I’ve met in my first year at uni. Stage crew, housemates, course friends, new housemates, other friends, it was just such a great night.

I’m sure there’s more, and I know there are a few I haven’t mentioned, but you get the idea.

I don’t want to say that it was the best week of my life, because it also had the biggest low point, leaving!