Special Post #15: Accommodation, Part 8 – Part 2

Let me explain that… it’s part 8 of the accommodation series, and the title of this part is ‘part 2’ because it’s a follow on from the post I did yesterday. Got it? never mind…

On Sunday I had the mis-pleasure of not having the car to carry my life to the house. Instead, I’d worked through a compromise. I took what I thought were the essentials for living in a house for a few days that had no cutlery or plates or anything. Sleeping bag and a saucepan should do it. Then Mum would travel down on Tuesday with the rest, at witch point I could stop living in the house like a homeless tramp.

So i bore the journey to the house using a Bombay mix of public transport, finishing the journey my foot. I was welcomed with my landlord fitting a new toilet seat and his wife cleaning the kitchen. Good times. They showed me around (probably my 4th showing by this point) and I moved my ridiculously small suitcase into my new room.

A few minutes later, Will arrived with his girlfriend. We took another tour of the houses (but who’s counting?) and then chilled in the garden. Then Gibbo turned up. Gibbo isn’t one of the housemates, but he’s staying while GuilFest is on.

We looked in the drawers of the kitchen expecting to find bare wood, but instead found an IKEA of cup, plates, bowels, cutlery, pans…everything! Then, after giving us the obligatory speech about when the rubbish is collected and where the breakers and meters are, the landlord left.

Get the grand tour of the house in 60 seconds (ok, 80 seconds… but we tried)

What’s that? You want to see pictures detailing every last inch of the house? why, of course!

090705 House (1) 

my room

090705 House (2)

the view of the garden from my room

090705 House (3)

Viv’s room

090705 House (4) 

The upstairs corridor

090705 House (5)

Josh’s room

090705 House (6) 

the rest of Josh’s room

090705 House (7)

Will’s room

090705 House (8) 


090705 House (9) 

Anne’s room downstairs

090705 House (10) 

Living room

090705 House (15) 

the amazing kitchen

090705 House (16) 

the other end of the kitchen, with Gibbo taking a picture. Behind Gibbo is the toilet

090705 House (17)

the door to the garden

090705 House (18)

the house from the garden (excuse the pile of leaves)

090705 House (20)

in my room :)

I love the house! The only problem I’ve found with it so far is the shower. It spits out small splashes of water, and the ones that are lucky enough to find your body cause 3rd degree burns. It’s a very intricate art to find the balance between smoulderingly hot and freezing cold. One I’m yet to master…

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