Special Post #19: Films of the summer

This summer has been filled with many things, one of those being films. I thought I’d run through them, give you my thoughts and see what you think.

  • Burn After Reading. I watched this right at the start of summer, before I’d even left university. I spent an evening watching it with my then housemates *tear*. We all agreed it was a rubbish film. Don’t see it.
  • One Missed Call. The Japanese version, not the rubbish American version. About getting phone calls from yourself in the future predicting your death. Sounds a bit crazy, but then that’s the Japanese. I’d say this is definitely worth seeing if your into horror films, but not one to blew your socks off.
  • Down To You. Almost forgot about this one! Great little love film set in New York. Love the scene where they pick “they’re song” that’s the part of this film that sticks in my mind.
  • Star Trek. Me and Barry missed the boat with the new Star Trk film, so we both went to see it at the cinema after everyone we knew had already seen it and said it was brilliant. Having never watched an episode of Star Trek in my life, I thought it was easy to follow and had an interesting storyline. Special effects obviously featured, but you should see it for Leonard Nimoy’s appearance alone!
  • The Hangover. Hands down the best film I’ve seen in a long time. About a group of guys who have a crazy night in Vegas and try to figure out what happened. Comedy genius, actually laughing out loud in the cinema, something I never do! See it now, or else…
  • Transformers 2. I don’t get the whole Megan Fox thing, but this film was still good. The end scene dragged on wa-ay to long though. Could have been 10 times shorter, but still good. Saved by the cool robots and Shia Labeouf.
  • Harry Potter. The new one. What can I say? It’s Harry Potter. Didn’t think it was anything to write home about, but still have a soft spot for Hermione, so I could watch it again :)
  • Taking Of Pelham 123. Denzel Washington is amazing in this film, and with the plot as good as it is, I’d recommend it. I thought the overall concept of the film was a bit dry at first, hijacking a train for money, but towards the end things started to click and overall made a good film great.
  • GI Joe. Can’t believe I was dragged along to see this kid’s film… but nethertheless, it wasn’t bad, If 100% predicable.
  • Serendipity. Killed an hour and a half one afternoon. I’d seen it before, but love the idea of trying to find the soul mate you once met.
  • The Fallow Field. Seeing my name in the credits is enough for me to love this film, but even without that it’s a good, solid horror with all the usual tension and jumpy bits.
  • The Cottage. Sounds scary? That’s what I thought. Nope. It’s a comedy about two guys kidnapping a model for money. Very gory and not very good.
  • District 9. Saw this today and it was brilliant. I love Peter Jackson’s film’s anyway, but this had the right balance of Sci-Fi and real life. Emotional, action-packed, thoughtful sci-fi with a fantastically thought out plot. Couldn’t see it being done any better. And left open for a sequel… winner!

In conclusion, see The Hangover and District 9, you won’t regret it.

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