Special Post #20: Happy Birthday Blog

It was at exactly this time 1 year ago I wrote my first post on this blog. It actually makes me quite emotional to think who I was a year ago.

I feel that university has brought me out of my shell so much: not changed me into someone else, or made me someone I’m not, but instead built on who I was before and made it better. I’m more confident now to do new things, I have more confidence in myself and my abilities both academically and in social situations, I’ve learnt that I’m more like everyone else than I thought, and that everyone in life has a fascinating and remarkable story, one that can be told differently every time and thats message changes with every new day that brings you to explore your boundaries.

A year ago I had no idea what to expect, and could never have hoped to be where I am today. The last year has been a year of firsts in many ways, but also a year for truly loving life. Sure there have been some rough times, but they were there for good reason. If the whole landscape was a peak, how would you know it was a mountain?

I can pick moments of the last year that have meant the most to me, and I’m sure I’ll miss loads out, but these come to mind:

  • Spending a week with my sister in her new house before going to uni for the first time and leaving home
  • Moving in day. Leaving church, packing my life into a Yaris and feeling sick when we arrived at uni. So overwhelmed when I got to my room and then having to truly say goodbye to my parents for the first time.
  • Moments later meeting Josh at the meet & greet.
  • Ice skating with Josh, when we actually got to know each other.
  • The climbing trip weekend, finally an outlet for my love of climbing!
  • The Fratellis in Brighton and then the next day having an exam.
  • X Factor Christmas Staff Party when I was the video man for the day, fell in love with video stuff.
  • Christmas Day at Becky’s!
  • New Year’s Eve with Jake, feeling sick :(
  • Snow Day at university!
  • Searching for a house, and finding one!
  • Lab Project with Faizan, all those long nights in the library paying off
  • Day out in London with Sophie over Easter
  • Going back to university a week early, spent a whole day talking to Josh. Had the conversation of my life and loved every second of it.
  • The following week, Tuesday evening
  • Revising with Josh, the jokes we had
  • Exam week, the stress
  • EOTYS week, especially the last night and the lake party afterwards
  • Saying goodbye
  • Royal Ascot week
  • Getting my results!
  • Moving in to my new house!
  • Guilfest
  • The boat trips! In particular:
    • Frankie & Bennie’s
    • Many a time spent talking to Phil on the back of the boat
    • Evening spent drinking with Jake and Phil
    • One night talking to Barry for hours
  • My best birthday ever!
  • The fact I get to do it all again starting in a few weeks!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you this time round. And if I’m going to fast or assuming you know something when you don’t, give us a note and I’ll fill you in.

  • Happiness. 12 out of 10 (when 11 out of 10 just isn’t enough)
  • Tiredness. 4.5 out of 5
  • Last Meal. Sausage casserole (very, very tasty indeed)
  • Song of the day. JLS – Beat Again (annoyingly catchy)
  • Thought for the day. True happiness is when you know that you feel the best you’ve ever felt… and that it can only get better
  • What I’m Doing Now. Actually writing this at 2am, so should be sleeping :S

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  1. >Great post… lovely to read… :-) Loved "If the whole landscape was a peak, how would you know it was a mountain?" Too true!

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