Special Post #21: Accommodation, Part 9 – 1 Month In

So I haven’t done a special post in a while, so enjoy this one. Funnily enough this is the 10th post in this multi-part series-now-more-of-a-category set of posts about living in my first ever house!

I feel like me and my housemates have come a long way since the start of this journey. It’s a tough task just finding housemates to start with, but I can see now that it couldn’t have worked out better.

We all moved in at the start of October, give a take a day or two. And for the first week we weren’t all seen in the same room at the same time. Fresher’s week was like that. So lets meet the gang:

  • Anne. The resident Doctor Who fanatic. No seriously, you’d be hard pushed to find anyone as enthusiastic about Doctor Who as Anne. But to say that this tells you anything about Anne would be very wrong. Sure, she’s into comics and films a bit more than the average female, but she’s also very focused on work and very caring towards everyone. If you can’t get on with Anne then there’s something wrong with you, she really is Momma Anne…
  • Viv. Completes the line-up of girls in the house. I have to be disappointingly honest when I say that I haven’t spent that much time with Viv. This isn’t by any means an active decision because Viv is a great housemate. She has an slight addiction to Mafia Wars, but she’s a great laugh all the time.
  • Will. President of the Chemistry Society, which not only makes him a very busy man, but also means I get to meet lots of Chemistry people I never knew before! He loves electro-dance music and walks in the rain (I made that last part up).
  • Josh. The one on my course, the one I knew before and the one I call my best friend…. whatever you want to call Josh he’s a great guy. Very active member of the Christian Union, which takes up a lot of his time, but also plays Rugby and Football in his spare time. We go to lectures together and help each other with work.

How do I get so lucky with my housemates!

As for the other things you worry about when you live in a house, they’re all happening well so far. Rent has all been paid on time using our joint bank account, and once bills start coming in we should be good to go for paying them.

We turned the heating on for the first time last week. It was me who caved, but I was really cold! It comes on in the evenings and hot water is set for the mornings and tends to stay hot for the rest of the day.

Getting to uni is great. Josh, Will and I have bikes that we use to cycle in, it takes me about 4 minutes now from door-to-bike rack. It’s good times, except when I get a puncture which has happened twice now…

It seems that we’re all quite busy so we don’t tend to all be in of an evening very often. But there are occasion when we end up sitting in the living room with our dinners and catch up with what each other has been up to.

Shall I compare thee to last year? It’s hard to because they’re very different experiences. Living in halls was very sociable because everyone was so close, and I got on so well with my housemates that we would just spend hours and hours talking (I’m largely referring to Sophie there…) I’m really enjoying this year, going to other people’s houses and meeting up with friends for lunch, it’s a very different feel to last year but in a good way. Last year was what it was and this year so far is even better!

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