Special Post #24: Top 40 Moments 2009, Part 3

This is part 3 in a mini-series of posts that looks into the best year of my life, two thousand and nine. This part continues to countdown the top 40 moments of the year. We’re at number 20, so lets go!

If you haven’t, be sure to check out the first 2 parts of this countdown before you continue!

#20: The Boat Breaking In Rugby

On the first part of the boat trip, while Ben, Kevin & I were on board, the boat broke. We’d already spent a day in Rugby to celebrate Ben’s 19th Birthday, and we woke up early the next morning to pull a long day to make up the time we lost by not moving. However, the boat usually does something when you put it in gear…

A call to the 4th emergency service, Steven, and it transpires a part had broken on the drive shaft. So now what do we do? Go to McDonalds and abuse their free wi-fi of course!

Steve managed to fix the boat in record time, and that evening we were off. And we didn’t stop until midnight! There’s nothing like a spot of night-time boating!

#19: Juggling Changeovers & The King Blues At Guilfest

Guilfest was an amazing week. I learnt a lot and loved moving all the equipment for each band on Stage 3.

The other best part of Guilfest was seeing The King Blues. They are definitely one of my favourite bands of 2009 (number 3 according to last.fm)

#18: Apocalypse With Jordan & Barry

So funny standing at the top of Apocalypse, when Barry has been trying to persuade Jordan to go on it for ages, and seeing him drop one in his pants! Laugher ensued for ages!

#17: Queuing Hours For SAW At Thorpe Park

This was such a good day with my mates. I’ve been wanting to have a big trip to Thorpe Park for ages, but every time I organise it people let me down. Not this time.

10 of us in total, and we had a great time! Fright Nights at Thorpe Park have always been a father and son affair, but this year I branched out and it was fantastic. Even the 3 hour queue for SAW at 11pm at night was fun with Anne, Viv, Phil, Lauren, Heather, Ben, Kevin, Murat and Sophie for company :)

#16: First MAD TV Studio Session

Setting up the studio was a great experience, even if it took hours to get none of it working! And then filming with Yasna and Mike couldn’t have been funnier!

#15: Showcasing A Video I Edited To 200 People

The Fresher’s Angel Health & Safety was shown to 200 students at the briefing. It was the biggest audience I’d ever had, and it went down really well :)

#14: Standing on the back of the boat in the rain with Becky

In fact, standing on the back of the boat with Becky, full stop. I love talking to my sister. And where better to do it than watching the English countryside slowly pass you by and without a care in the world…

#13: Anne Arriving At The House… Our First Proper Conversation

This is a good one. I went back to Guildford a week early to get myself sorted. On the second night, who turns up but Anne! Just stopping over on her way to Birmingham to see Viv, but that didn’t stop us having a good natter. It was one of those impromptu moments that got better and better. I came away so happy that I was living with Anne, and looking forward to the year even more!

My housemates…. an anagram for “a thyme mousse” (it’s true!)

#12: That Late-Night Talk With Barry About Life

Barry and I often have these epic conversations these days. And when I say about life, that only really means one thing: Girls. This one can be picked out because the hours just melted away and I’d been waiting for it for a while.

#11: Last Day At University 2009

The most recent moment in this list doesn’t quite make it into the top 10. It was a great night and I can only hope for many more in the future!

Only 10 to go, and they’re the best 10. I don’t want to give away too much, but from now on they’re all really close, and it was a real toss up to the number 1. But don’t worry, I haven’t copped out, there is a number 1, and it’s definitely the best moment of the year! Come back tomorrow at 4pm for the answer!