Special Post #25: Top 40 Moments 2009, Part 4

This is part 4 in a mini-series of posts that looks into the best year of my life, two thousand and nine. This is the gripping finale to the countdown of the top 40 moments of the year. These are my top 10 moments of 2009…

Before reading any more, make sure you’re up to date with 40 down to 11 by looking at the last 3 posts.

Right, here goes nothing!

#10: 10 Days Of Consecutive Drinking During Fresher’s Week

This year’s Fresher’s week laughs in the face of last years! Not only did I mange to make this one last 10 whole days, but I avoided the awkwardness of being a fresher while still meeting new people and having a great time. Not only was a great end to the summer, but it was a great way to get back into uni life!

#9: Becky Making A Surprise Appearance At My 20th

My entire 20th birthday was too brilliant for words. I love my friends, and there is no better way to celebrate turning twenteen than having a big BBQ!

#8: Sophie Helping Me Buy A New Wardrobe On Oxford Street

That day was lots of fun. I learnt that girls know what they’re doing when they go shopping!

#7: A specific 10 seconds of Sunday 1st November

I was waiting for my train at Greenwich train station. Never has a train arrived two minutes early in my life! Typical, exactly when you want it to be late…

#6: The MAD TV Social

Another great night to add to the portfolio. Nandos for dinner, then off to Bar Med, Wetherspoons, Flares and finally Dusk. I didn’t have too much to drink, just enjoyed the night.

#5: Seeing My Sister Getting Married

Truly a great day! If you told me a year ago that this was going to happen this year, I wouldn’t have believed you. But yet, there it is.

#4: Drinking With Jake At Becky’s Birthday

What a night! I can comfortably say that my sister should turn 30 more often!

#3: Wednesday Night On The Boat With Phil, Jake & All The Cider

What happens when 3 guys decide that all the cider has got to go? Hilarity ensues… Highlights of this evening were cheesecake in Jakes face, Jake failing at climbing a ladder and ask Jake about the other one :D

Since this is the last boat memory in this list, I thought now would be a good time to point to “the boat video”, enjoy it if you haven’t already :)

#2: Somerset House With Sophie

I have a love for London, and exploring the sights such as Covent Garden, Somerset House, Tate Modern, Southbank and more all in one day was overload! And on top of that Sophie and I had some great conversations. Combining my two favourite things in life, London and conversation, is what made this day second to none. Well, second only to…

#1: The Longest Conversation Ever With Josh In April

I had come down to Guildford a week early after the Easter break to get a head start on revision (because it wasn’t getting done at home). Josh thought this whole revision lark could be useful too so he came and joined me for two days. At 1pm on the first day Josh came over to go to Tesco. At 2am we we’re still talking… We talked about everything: girls, parents, university, the course, cooking, getting old, our pasts and god knows what else. I’ve always felt this conversation is what makes me and Josh such good friends even today. We do spend surprisingly little time with each other considering we live together and are on the same course. But all I can hope is that we continue to be friends for a long time to come…

So that concludes my top 40 moments of 2009. While you’ve been reading this you may have noticed some glaring omissions (such as getting my results), but there will always be some gaps. There are only 40 in this list after all, and 2009 was littered with memories that any other year would have made number 1…