Special Post #26: Still Charles

This last year I have learnt so much about myself that I thought it worth wile sharing a few gems…

  • Alcohol. This year saw me get drunk on a few occasions. I think it’s fair to say I have now become a typical student, and it’s all thanks to cider!
  • Confidence. I have definitely become a more confident person this year, and I put it all down to my wonderful friends who are there to support me through everything. People are good really, so why worry about what they think about you?
  • Friends. Leading from the last point. This year has been the year of friends is so many ways, but it’s great to be able to know so many people and hang out with different groups of people. Housemates, ex-housemates, stage crew, MAD TV, course mates, mates from home, family… the list goes on.
  • Independence. Going to university kind of throws you in the deep end some what and this year I found my sea legs.
  • House. I’m living in a house! Enough said.
  • Birthday Success. My birthday party had so many of my friends there and I genuinely had one of the best times of my life so far. It’s how every birthday should be spent: with the people you want to get older with.
  • GuilFest Responsibility. Being given a stage to changeover for 3 days was a big challenge and I loved every minute of it.
  • Trust. Being given committee positions on Stage Crew and MAD TV meant a lot to me.
  • Not Enough Time. Seriously, there were not enough hours in the day this year. It’s all that trust I tell you…
  • Stress. You’ve got to learn to deal with it. I’m managing it so far, but being given so much to do can really get you at times…
  • Girls. I’ve hidden this in the middle so no-one sees it :P
  • Go With The Flow. Gone are the days when I needed to know every intricate detail of what I was doing, I’m much happier now to roll with it. Sure I still plan my days, but that’s a necessity to keep me on track.
  • Less OCD. A lot less. I used to obsess about little details, but when time is against you, you learn what is essential and what is a waste of time. I still obsess over a few things, like my calendar and  having to have volume in multiples of 5.
  • Delegating. With all this trust, I’ve had to trust others with the work I’ve been given. I delegate things I previously would have done myself. Especially for MAD TV where I’m relying on a whole team of people to get the job done.
  • Phone. Over the last year I’ve got to using my phone a lot more. Where previously £5 of credit would last me 3 months, I now have a £10 a month contract that just about gets me by. How did I ever live without this I don’t know!

Who knows what I’ll  learn in the next year, but whatever it is, I’m looking forward to finding out!

  • Happiness. 7 out of 10
  • Tiredness. 2 out of 5
  • Workload. 8 out of 10 (but not for now…)
  • Last Meal. Sugar Puffs
  • Song of the day. Ke$ha – Tik Toc
  • Thought for the day. Bring your own lampshade…
  • What I’m Doing Now. Waiting for the New Years party!