Special Post #3: Accommodation, Part 1 – Who?

This is the first of a multi-part series I’m going to write in the next few days about housing. This first part outlines finding my new housemates.

Back in December, me and Josh decided that we wanted to be housemates next year. But you can’t just have 2 people sharing a house, so we needed to find some more. We knew at the time that a group of 4 was ideal, and that one person either side of that was the limit.

Michael was our next call. I know Michael because he lives in Cathedral Court too. We watch Heroes together occasionally and go to comedy night. Michael agreed that living together was a great idea, so now we just need one.

Then Christmas came and went. It was now February. Knowing that we would need to be organised soon so we could start looking for houses, we set out on hunting once more. But wait! Michael, over the course of the Christmas holidays had made arrangements with other people (on his Chemistry course) to live with them. So it looks like back to square one.

Asking my current housemates bore no success: Sophie had found a group already, Mariana and Lauren had teamed up with one of Lauren’s friends from climbing club and her friend to create a group. Adam and Chris had both joined separate groups of people also.

It was time to ask people on our course. No luck. Stage crew? nope. And then we got somewhere…

Josh goes to church on Sunday’s with someone called Anne who does Chemistry. She is part of a group of three who are looking for someone to join them. Luckily they we’re OK with the idea of having a 5, so me and Josh met up with them.

Together we formed a group of 3 guys and 2 girls who were 2 engineers and 3 chemists. It looked like a plan.

So we all met up to see if we got on. There really great people. We like the same things (mainly geeky stuff) and had a great time meeting up.

This was on the 17th February. All was going well. But there was a fog looming…

Watch out for the next post to find out how the process the university uses to help us get accommodation, and how it wasn’t as simple as it first appeared………

2 thoughts on “Special Post #3: Accommodation, Part 1 – Who?”

  1. >OOOh the intrigue.
    I cannot wait for the second installment to see what’s going to happen.
    Hope it has a happy ending!

  2. >But you already know the ending! Don’t spoil it though! That goes for you too Victoria! Although thanks for all your help last night, I’ll certainly look into everything you said.

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