Special Post #31: Thank God For That

Today was the Stage Crew AGM, and therefore my last day as VEO. My thoughts about crew have changed a lot since the Feb 16th last year when I was elected. I’ve obviously been spending far more time with MAD TV recently, so Stage Crew has been slightly neglected. But I also feel that at Stage Crew video is very much optional, and when it isn’t, MAD TV seem to be covering the gaps. Therefore, this seems like a natural progression for me since the best part of stage crew was the video, now MAD TV is fulfilling that need.

I’ll definitely continue to do video for Stage Crew when the situation calls, because it is great fun and a very different skill to MAD TV. For now, I’m happy that I have one less commitment, but realise that in the long term, today’s change will make very little difference.

I’m thankful I was given the opportunity to be on Stage Crew committee, but I didn’t really feel I had a lot to contribute at meetings and I haven’t been very active with training and promoting video. But at the end of the day, it seems that Stage Crew is very blasé about it and not really interested in investing time or money into making it better… and that’s where MAD TV has changed things.

MAD TV have made the Student’s Union realise the value of video and has the people with expertise beyond plugging things in. I really hope that MAD TV can succeed where Stage Crew failed. Only time will tell…

3 thoughts on “Special Post #31: Thank God For That”

  1. >I got accepted to Surrey and I watch the Mad Tv videos online. I would love to be involved when I get there in what ever ways possible.

    Keep working hard.

  2. >Hi Corve, well done for getting into Surrey! What course are you studying? MAD TV would love to have you on board and you'll have a brillaint time :)


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