Special Post #37: Ron Burgundy?

This post starts at the top… and stays there. This post, is about hair.

I’ve had the same haircut since I was born pretty much…

China 2005 044.2



See. pretty short. Straight fringe.

I’ve been told for years that I should grow my hair and see what happens, but I never listened. I’m not great with change, it scares me. Plus, I was happy with my hair, it was easy to maintain and didn’t get in my way. I also think self-confidence played a role there in that I wasn’t sure I could pull off a “cooler” hair-style.

But back in June something clicked. University has made me a much more confident person, and as for change… you only live once. Some may say that we only regret the chances we don’t take. So my housemates at the time devised a plan which went something like “put this in your hair and see what happens…” this is what happened…


This gave me an idea… I spent the next week scruffing up my hair to see what it looked like. But it was missing something… Then I went to my sisters. Becky is great at cutting hair, and took on my mop as a mini-project. I left that week with something very special…


Nothing too radical from the norm, just more… vertical. I love this! Over the coming weeks, well 2 months, this was the new norm. Providing some great quiffs, especially as it got longer…


But today was time for a change… off to the hairdressers (not my sister this time) and this is what returned…


Hair V3.0

So far this hair experiment has been great fun and I imagine there’s more in it yet, but for now I’m really liking this look :) I think it’s because it has the quiff-like-ness of the long hair, but still maintains a short-ish look. I’m definitely a fan of short sides and vertical top, so this is a winner for me at the moment!

I’m intrigued to hear what you think of the old and new, so post a comment :o)

5 thoughts on “Special Post #37: Ron Burgundy?”

  1. >Brick: I love… hair.
    Ron Burgundy: Brick, are you just looking at things in the office and saying that you love them?
    Brick: I love hair.

  2. >Chavey Charlie. Thats up there in the Chav league. My, oh, my, aint you grown. Took the same picture of your neice this morning… and here I was thinking how grown-up she looked:p

  3. >charlie, lil bil – pin head suits you best, number 3 all over with a 1/2 fade on the back and sides. but if your insistyant on growing it, the high top look has got to go bro!!!….

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