Special Post #39: Top 40 Moments of 2010-Part 1

Welcome to the countdown of my favourite moments of 2010. Moments can be anything from nights out to nights in and have been chosen based on how special they were at the time (since looking back at some of these, I would rank them lower now…)

All year I have been keeping a note of my favourite moments. Hopefully you’ve been keeping track of my monthly best moment, since they all feature on this list. What makes this top 40 different to last year is that I started noting my best moments right at the start of the year, and have kept it up to date as the weeks have gone by. The interesting twist this provides is that these moments are now ranked in order of how special they were at the time, not necessarily how high I would rank them now looking back. That’s because some moments can be tainted by things that happen afterwards, but nethertheless I’m basing this on how they were ‘in the moment’, if I can put it that way.

Sadly the final list (as of Wednesday 22nd) had 65 moments in it! So there are a whole 25 that I wont even go into here. Which is a shame because there are a few corkers… oh, ok. I’m just going to mention a few of them and then we can get started on the actual list.

#65 Tuesday 30 Nov: Swimming Pool in Switzerland

After a long day working there is no doubt that a quick swim before dinner was a great idea. We did this a few times while we were in Switzerland, but this was particularly memorable because it had been such a stressful day. The swimming pool in the hotel was fantastically warm, and provided it wasn’t too dark outside you could see the wondrous view of the mountains and the lake beyond the town. Bliss.

#56: Sat 23 Jan: Gliding with MAD TV

This day has to go down as one of the best days filming ever. Georges drove us to Lasham Airfield to film the University’s Gliding Society. I had a really bad hangover from the night before, but put my name down for a flight anyway! We had such a laugh filming (as this video shows) and I ended up going gliding twice!

#43: Fri 1 Oct: Freshers’ Fayre

Promoting MADTV to freshers, and actually having them know what you’re talking about was such a great experience. Claire has done a fantastic job with MADTV since she became president, and the fayre went some way to show MADTV’s impact in only a short few weeks at the start of the semester. Overall the day was fantastic fun and a great success since now MADTV has a bigger team than ever and has had the opportunity to join the National Association of Student Television Awards, and cover hot topics such as the tuition fee rise.

OK, I think that’s our fill for this post, but come back for part 2 tomorrow, when the countdown will actually begin with Uno, surprise party’s, awards and not climbing.