Special Post #40: Top 40 Moments of 2010–Part 2

Welcome back to 2010’s top 40 countdown. Today I promise we will actually start the countdown!

#40: Sat 11 Dec: Family Christmas Meal in Scotland

It’s slightly ironic how this one happens to be number 40 since it happened only 2 weeks ago… This was a brilliant weekend, getting the family together is not easy at the best of times, but when mother nature drops a thick layer of white stuff across the British Isles, it becomes near impossible. But somehow, it just worked. The whole family got together in Scotland, a tradition going back many years from before my uncle died. I know it sounds clichéd, but it was great to see the family again. Not just uncles and aunties and cousins, but also my parents and my brother! Walks across the countryside and up small hill provided ample photo opportunities, but also times to relax :)

#39: Sat 11 Sep: Surprise & Night Out

The first 21st celebration to hit the list! I knew something was up when Mum asked me the night before if I had a suit to wear… this was no ordinary party. Mum and Dad had setup a massive dinner table in the local church, and loads of people from over the years came to celebrate. The highlight of the night was my fathers speech, he spoke of the trouble I’d had at secondary school, and how the church had provided an outlet for my creativity. He went on to say how university has been a big change for me and that he’s seen me grow up to be a more confident and sociable person in recent years. It was great speech. Then I got pissed :P I mean, a few of us went out on the London Town and had a great end to the night, thanks to my cousin Beth :)


#38: Mon 18 Jan: Uno with Anne until 3am

This feels like a long time ago. Anne and I were massive fans of Uno, the family card game for all ages, but we didn’t play it nearly as often as we should have. On this particular occasion, I think the Uno provided a good distraction for both of us. We had exams and coursework coming out of our ears, so we sat up and talked until the little hours of the morning. I miss these times :(


#37: Tue 07 Sep: Alastair, Climbing, Tickled Ivory

This started off like any other, until I got a phone call to tell me that Alastair, one of my closest friends at secondary school, had committed suicide. That evening my housemates cheered me up by taking me out to a Piano Bar in town. Tickled Ivory is a small place, but what it lacks in floor space it more than makes up for in music! Live piano provided interesting covers of both modern and classic tunes. My housemates, Sophie and Claire, went crazy on the dancefloor as we partied until the small hours drinking cocktails and dancing. I must go back here in 2011 when I don’t have to go to work in the morning!

#36: Mon 19 Apr: Becky Visits

Nothing like spending time with my sister. And Becky found the time to visit me in Guildford for a whole day! We had lunch in town and chilled out back at the house. Not much else to say, just good times.

#35: Wed 24 Feb: Sony Interview

And so it begins. The start of the Sony experience. I was so excited to have been selected for interview after submitting my CV a month prior. The day went really well, I was shown around a 3D OB truck and interviewed by my now boss. It’s funny to look back on this day knowing what I know now :)

#34: Thu 20 May: Student Awards

MADTV won Special Society of the Year! And Mike Frazer won the Student Media Award! A fun and laughter-filled night, topped off by the after-party in town with MadSoc (the theatre and drama society who’d won Society of the Year) and all the MADTV crew.

Student Awards (40)

#33: Sat 16 Jan: Not Climbing

One of those spontaneous evenings. Sophie Jones and I went to go climbing, but the Gym was closed. So we ended up going to Sophie’s house and talking for hours. I love spending time with Sophie, as everyone who knows her will agree, she is mental! In the nicest way :)

#32: Mon 08 Feb: Walk & Talk with Hannah B

Something that should have happened a long time ago… Hannah lived on the floor above in first year, and we’d never really spoken to each other. Last year our houses were pretty much next to each other, so we decided that was a good reason to get to know each other. Genuinely great evening walking around Guildford in the cold and talking about uni life.

#31: Sun 17 Jan: Mum Cooking & Games Evening

Mum decided it was a good idea to come over to Guildford and cook my housemates Sunday dinner. And it was, if it wasn’t for the MAD rush to clean the kitchen before the cavalry arrived! The food was great and it was probably the only time we all sat down as a house and ate together at the table. Then after Mum had left Anne, Josh and I stayed up late into the night playing poker and Uno :)


that’s the first 10 down! come back tomorrow for lots of drinking, strudel and some filming. Toodles x