Special Post #41: Top 40 Moments of 2010–Part 3

continuing the countdown with numbers 30 to 21. Lets get started!

#30: Tue 23 Mar: House Viewing & Meeting Housemates

In the part 1 I explained how this list was compiled as the year went on, and this is a good example of a day that is now very different looking back at it than it was at the time. At the time it was really exciting to find a great house and meet the guys I was going to live with for a whole year. As it turns out, these are the people I screwed over.

#29: Fri 16 Apr: Criddle Back From Easter Break

After Easter, Michael and I went for a night out in Guildford with lots of chemists. Great to get back into the swing of things, playing Scrabble in the pub :) Then we went to Wagamama’s, clearly the best restaurant ever, and then went back to ZION for strudel and a game of Monopoly. Classic night out, lots of laughs and strudel :)

#28: Fri 23 Jul

I’ve said before how this blog is sometimes a diary and sometimes a voice. Number 28 happens to be one of those “diary” moments.

#27: Wed 21 Jul: Working At Arsenal Stadium

I’ll be honest, I’m not a football person. I had far more fun working in the stadium than on the day out watching the game from the Sony private box (that ended up at number 49). This day was made special in the evening when I made the most if being in London and visited the folks. Victoria invited us over for dinner to celebrate my news about going to Switzerland (Any excuse for a party :P). My cousin Beth came round later and we had a wicked catch-up walking back to Balham :)

#26 Sat 21 Aug: Orpington

One of the “famous three” August weekends of 2010 :) Heather invited Lauren, Sophie and Me to her house for a BBQ with lots of her friends. The sleepover was hilarious, as is every second with the girls. The highlight has to be Heather making up theme tunes for everyone on the piano. Good times.


#25: Sun 19 Sep: Wembley Arena

Yesterday we had the first 21st celebration, well today we get the last! Frankie had got some tickets to see the final of “Must Be The Music” at Wembley Stadium! An audience of 10,000! Such a fantastic atmosphere and a great vibe.


#24: Sun 02 May: Jake in Guildford, Starting at Wagamama’s

The second Wagamama’s today! What can I say, it’s stolen 2010! This was a fantastic day. It started out at Wagamama’s, with a Yaki Udon if my memory serves me correctly. We we’re with Katherine, Charlotte and Liz, AKA “The Maths Girls”. We ended up at Free For All, an event the University Music Department put on with live music. After that we played a version of snap (the card game) called “Irish Snap”… basically, it hurts. The highlight of this night has to be that Katherine, the 2nd year maths student, didn’t know what number came after 6 :S

#23: Fri 16 Jul: Grad Ball

Frankie and I went to this year’s Graduation Ball to film for MADTV. We had such a laugh filming, check out the final video:

#22: Sat 24 Jul: Grandad’s 80th

This weekend needs no introduction. Get the whole family in a cabin in the middle of the Peak District, add Jake and I and cider and vodka. You get the picture. There’s nothing wrong with taking a midnight walk up a hill to get a phone signal…


#21: Fri 30 Apr: Jake & Rubix

OK, so quite often Jake and I get together and have a drink or two. But this was the pinnacle of those times this year. Jake came to visit and we went to the students union. Lots and lots of banter later we return to Zion, only to discover that I had lost my keys! Luckily Jake woke up my housemate Anne by making TARDIS noises outside her room. I’m eternally grateful that she still talks to me since she didn’t seem very impressed with us :S


well call that a day today, but more to come tomorrow when we get to the day after the one mentioned in #21 above, and we get to see water in a canal and at two beaches.