Special Post #42: Top 40 Moments of 2010–Part 4

ok, so it’s 2011 guys. But lets get to the end of this trip down memory road. We finished yesterday at 21 with Jake and I going to Rubix…

#20: Fri 09 Apr: IT Crowd Filming

Criddle, Ben and I went to see the IT Crowd being filmed. I absolutely love the IT Crowd, its a sit-com about 2 guys and a girl who work as tech support for a big company. Sounds right up my street right? The day was also interesting from a technical standpoint, getting to see how a proper studio is used for filming was really interesting. We failed at getting in to the studio the week before and ended up having an impromptu night bowling instead. That night came into this chart at #64.

#19: Sat 01 May: Jake & BBQ

What do you know?! The day after #21 (see yesterday). This BBQ has been a reference for the rest of the year in terms of house parties. Lots of friends came over to Zion for a big BBQ. The weather was fine and everyone was in a good mood. The party went on late into the evening too as we played Irish Snap and ate strudel. Below is one of my favourite photos of the year from that day… Beth is wearing heels and is stood on a step. lol.


#18: Sat 22 May: Frankie & Mike BBQ

Number 18 is another BBQ! This was the last drinking session before end of year exams started, so it was bound to be a good night. As it happens this was the night Frankie and Claire asked me to live with them for the first time. I’m glad they did, because that’s where I’m living now :)

#17: Sat 28 Aug: Trip to Isle of Wight… From Southampton

I’d gone down to Southampton for the weekend for a friends 20th Birthday party. On the Saturday we took a ferry to the Isle of Wight and visited the needles. Then we went to the IoW Zoo. That night we got drunk. Good times.


#16: Tue 30 Mar: Boat Trip!

This day stands out as the best day on this years boat trip. Going through Netherton tunnel (one of the longest tunnels on the canal system) and taking the scenic route around the many Birmingham canals. I don’t know if it’s the way the canal and the motorway seem to duel across the landscape or the many aqueducts, but that bit of canal always gets me. In the evening we moored at Merry Hill and had such a great laugh on the boat about god knows what.

#15: Sun 14 Feb: Frankie & Bennies with Anne & Josh

We were ‘kicked’ out the house so decided to go to Frankie and Bennies for a ‘romantic’ dinner. The three of us spent about 3 hours there killing time. Which was interesting since we’d eaten after the first hour. There’s something uniquely cool about not rushing out of a restaurant and being in good company. We’d been there so long we nearly ordered a second main course :P

#14: Wed 20 Oct: Go Karting with work

This is a good recent one. One evening after work we went go karting. What a way to de-stress… seriously. This needs to happen again. So we certainly weren’t the fastest team there, but we skidded round the corners the best!


#13: Sat 13 Nov: 1st Day off in Switzerland

Here it is! Switzerland! Good times. On a day off we went all out. We drove up Mount Bré, a tall mountain about 15 minutes drive from our hotel. And my gosh the views were stunning:


Then we took the Funicular railway down into town and to the chocolate festival! Free samples of Swiss chocolate. Heaven. I’m not a chocoholic… honest. In the evening we decided to try the ‘shortcut’ back to the hotel. An hour later we figured it was probably not a shortcut. But we did get to drive along some pretty crazy Swiss roads!

#12: Sat 14 Aug: Phil’s Birthday

This was a fantastic weekend all round. Going down to Devon for Phil’s birthday. But on the Saturday we went to a nice secluded beach, had lunch and played rounders. Despite the strong currents, we decided to go swimming in the sea. Such a good move! I hadn’t been swimming on a beach for years and it was just a childhood moment. Good times.


#11: Mon 21 Jun: Wimbledon

Wow! This was a good day! This year my mum and I went to Wimbledon with my friend Criddle and Josh. Criddle is a tennis fanatic so he knew all the good matches to watch and where to go. The weather was very kind to us to, and this year we remembered to bring sun cream! Ok, so we queued for about 4 hours, but that’s all part of the experience!


tomorrow its the top 10! You might be able to see a few glaring omissions in this list so far… well they are coming! a certain sister, a certain concert, a certain company and a certain party all to come!