Special Post #44: Accommodation Series #14: The Prequel

part one of the longest awaited post in the history of this blog. This first post comes some way in explaining why it’s taken me so long to get these words on here… sets the scene for the posts to come.

#1: The Prequel – House 63

As many of you have guessed by following this blog, the last few months of my life have been a big crazy. And while House 63 has been somewhat of a base for my life, it’s also probably been where I’ve spent least of my time.

Between Switzerland, London, Amsterdam, Italy, Weymouth and boat trips I have seen sweet little of my existing housemates. The extent of my interaction seems to be notes on the front of my door saying when I’ll next be around. Time in the house consists of unpacking, packing and sleeping (sometimes not even the latter if I’m rushing off for the weekend). So it’s quite shocking to think that in a few short weeks I will be leaving this place for greener pastures, having never really lived here…

Ironically I am around in the coming weeks, just in time for me to start packing my things. And now I’m around for once, my housemates have coursework and exams and dissertations… we are destined to never socialize together. In many ways it’s hard to miss what was never fully realised, but even the possibility will soon be impossible.

But then looking forward, mid-July is a new start and a new life in many ways. I’ll have stopped going to Switzerland every week and I’ll have new housemates and a new house to contend with.

So let’s start at the very beginning…

#2: The Hall Theorem

Let’s not be mistaken, this is the start of another new era. My final year at university starts in October and back in March I started to look at houses for my final year…

Initially I always thought I’d live on campus in my final year, since the university let final year students apply for rooms not occupied by fresher’s. And indeed I applied and got offered a place, but it didn’t feel right. For me, the freedom of living in a house with a few mates is far better than going back to halls. I liked the idea of meeting new people, but it’s a lottery as to weather they’ll be nice. I count myself exceptionally lucky to fall into Cathedral Court House 2A in my first year at the University of Surrey, I still stay in touch with Sophie and Lauren and I can’t imagine my university life without those late night chats in the kitchen and random objects appearing in the hall after drunken nights out.

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But living in a house last year and this have been such a blast that going back to halls feels like a step in the wrong direction, so I was very keen to find some housemates and find an amazing house we could call our own for what is sure to be one of the most exciting years of our lives…


coming soon: part three “Pizza & Planning”