Special Post #45: Accommodation Series #15: The Hall Theorem

part two of the longest awaited post in the history of this blog. In this post I start the story in the same way any good teacher would, with the theory.

#3: Pizza & Planning

Sophie, Julie and I had been talking about getting a house together for a while, but it was awkward to organise house viewings when none of us lived in Guildford (ok, technically I do, but it’s kind of become my second home to Switzerland in the last 7 months).

We organised a few international Skype chats to talk about places we’d like to live, which usually involved me getting a takeaway from the local pizzeria (no shortage of choice!) but it was all a bit slow moving…

#4: Meanwhile… 2 Forces Meet

While this was all happening, a couple of my other friends were getting a house group together. Katherine (who I know from MADTV) and her 2 housemates needed another person (or 2) and came to me. Since I had already paired up with Julie and Soph at the time, I put them in touch with Mike Frazer (also of MADTV fame).

Mike Frazer, of Mike Frazer fame

^ Mike Fazer, also called: the lazer, eyebrows, “that man off the telly” and many more…

#5: The Wheely Bin

Back with Sophie and Julie, we were still struggling to agree on houses, and decided that we’d really need a 4th person for this whole thing to work. So we started looking for a 4th person… to no avail. We were alll a bit stuck with what to do, then Sophie made the decision for us.

Because she is on an un-paid placement, she decided that since living on campus would be the cheaper option in long run, that she’d settle for that. So she essentially abandoned Julie and I to fend for ourselves! (I’m going to make as big a deal out of this as I can because I know Sophie reads this blog :P) She screwed us both over for her own selfish gain! Ok, I’m only joking… It all works out in the end, just keep reading.

Julie and I briefly toyed with the idea of finding 2 other housemates before we realised we both are massively short of any friends who want to live with us… So we decided on the next best thing…

wheely bin

Guildford council wheely-bins are surprisingly spacious, and come in two different sizes. They offer location-flexibility in a waterproof, easy to access package. Sorted.

But, just as Julie and I had resigned ourselves to the fact that we were without a paddle, I got an offer…

coming soon: part six “proposition 101”