Special Post #46: Accommodation Series #16: Proposition 101

part three of the longest awaited post in the history of this blog. So what are we waiting for, let’s do it…

#6: Proposition 101

They say what goes around comes around… Well several weeks after helping Katherine and her housemates pair up with Mike Frazer (of Mike Frazer fame), I got a phone call…

Mike Frazer, before he was famous

Will (one of my old housemates from last year) called me up and asked what my plans were for final year housing. I explained to him about Julie and how it wasn’t exactly going to plan. Will on the other hand had paired up with Katherine and Mike, making their cohort a nice round 5, which is a good number for a student house in Guildford, hence why my last 2 houses have had 5 people. But they had a problem, Katherine and her housemates (who will be given names I promise) had been looking at a lot of 6 person student houses and wondered if I would join them…

5 people

Since this was only a week after Sophie had dropped out of our plans it was hard for me to decide to leave Julie too, since what kind of friend would I be kicking her while she’s down. But after a looooooong conversation with Julie, she understood that it made sense and she’d just have to find another house to live with.

unsure Julie

So I called Will back up and signed myself in to the group:

Katherine – Mathematician, does Madtv
Charlotte – ex-mathematician, now a waitress
Liz – Mathematician, ginger :p
Mike – Civil engineer, founder of Madtv
Will – Chemist, ex-housemate, also ginger
And Me – Electronic engineer, does Madtv, not ginger

All this happened the weekend back in January that i went to Cardiff, and the following weekend was our first house viewing!

#7: If the hat fits…

Ok, so i say it was our first viewing, technically the girls had looked at a few others already. But this was the first one we all looked at together.

I had my reservations right away when I found out how far away from uni it was, but I persevered. Unlike other 6-bedroom houses, this house had a very reasonably sized living room, and dining room for that matter. A modern kitchen, 2 bathrooms, a veranda… A VERANDA! We have to get this house!! So we did.

coming soon: part 8 “Don’t panic”