Special Post #49: Accommodation Series #19: Mind The Gap

and they all lived happily ever after. Except Charles who had one small problem to contend with…

#11: Mind The Gap

I have to move our of my current house on the 30th June, but the contract doesn’t start in Imhotep until the 15th July. So I’m homeless for 2 weeks. Luckily, my first port of call was just the ticket.

Anne and Viv, who I lived with last year, are living together in a posh apartment in Guildford, about 20 minutes walk from my current house. I asked them if I could be so cheeky as to pinch a spot on their floor for 2 weeks and they did one better. Since Anne was actually not going to be in Guildford at all for those weeks, I could stay in her room! There is a little bit of you scratch my back here since they both lived with me for a week in my current house while they found somewhere to live… So it’s a little like returning the favour :)

Anne & Viv

So the stage is set. All that worry’s me now is the amount of time I might be in Switzerland in the coming weeks while I’m trying to move all my things around and live in several places. There’s also several weekend trips that all add to the kerfuffle, including a long weekend in Scotland, if nothing else the next 6 weeks of my life are going to be eventful!