Special Post #6: Accommodation, Part 4 – Going, Going, Gone

This is the fourth part of a multi-part series about the wacky race to find a student house for next year before everyone else!

So after the failure of last weeks monstrosity, it was time for the university to issue the private accommodation list. I waited up until midnight to see the list (when I say waited, what I really mean is that I realised that it was past midnight so I checked it out).

The list had over 40 5 bedroom properties on it for us to consider. So I started making a list of all the houses that I liked.

When I woke up the next morning it was straight off to lectures. The problem was that Monday is a very busy day for everyone in the group so not much could be done in terms of looking at houses or ringing landlords. That evening I sent out a few emails to landlords, and Josh sent a few texts, but that was pretty much it.

On Tuesday morning it turned that that Josh had received a reply from one of the landlords about a house that was about 5 minutes walk away. We went down and had a look around (just the 2 of us because the others had lectures). As soon as we arrived the person showing us round (one of the tenants) told us that a group had already paid a deposit so the house was already taken. We looked round the house anyway so we had something to compare the other houses with later. The house was a bit small, but the rooms were an ok size. One of the rooms was really small and the lounge was pretty much a converted corridor.

Once we’d left the house Josh received another text from a landlord who had 2 houses that we could look at that afternoon. As Josh had labs and everyone else was also busy, I said that I would go it alone.

However, when we got back to campus it transpired that Will, Viv and Anne had managed to finish their labs half a day early, something that until now was unprecedented. So they said they’d join me in looking at the houses. Unlike the house me and Josh had seen that morning, these houses were about 20-30 minutes walk away from uni.

We got to the first house and had a look around. the bedrooms were a decent size and the living room was good. However, none of us were impressed by the kitchen nor did we particularly like the location.

After deliberating we decided that it was live-able in and we’d probably be happy to live there if we had to. With that in mind we went to see the second house…

Sorry, but we’ve ran out of time. I’m off to catch up with some old friends from before uni so I’ll continue this later.