Special Post #7: Accommodation, Part 4 – Going, Going, Gone – Part 2

Try and wrap your head around that title!

This is the second half of the 4th part of a multi-part series on the fight for second year accommodation. If you’ve forgotten where we left off, I don’t blame you, so had I. Basically we’d just seen a house none of us really liked, and were on our way to the next house…

The second house was on Hornbeam Road and turned out to be AMAZING! The rooms were HUGE, we came up with: 1 triple room, 1 large double room, 2 normal double rooms/large single rooms and a small room. However, the house was being renovated, as in they were still building the kitchen and hadn’t finished any rooms yet (although the rooms upstairs were nearly there). Here are some pics:


The triple room


One of the double rooms


The lounge?

So we were quite excited and rang the landlord to get the house. But guess what, yup, it had gone. And not only that but it had JUST gone. He’d just that second got off the phone with the other group. Sad faces attacked us from inside.

That night I rang a lot of landlords who had 5 bedroom houses only to find that they had ALL gone. I gave up at 8pm and rang home.

Dad gave me the willing to go and and I tried a few more landlords before I went to bed. The miraculous thing was that the last 3 landlords I rang ALL had a house still available. Result! So I began to arrange viewings for the next day…

Wednesday came around (this is the 25th February for those interested in how slow I am about revealing this information) and I rang a few more landlords before going to my lecture.

By 10am I had arranged 4 viewings for that day. By 10:30am I had a 5th. So me and Josh set off to view a few houses.

The first (a good 25minutes walk away) was alright. Essentially a 4 bedroom and a closet. So we moved on.

Map picture

This is a map of all the houses we went to visit that day. Houses in visited order: top right in cluster of 3; top left in cluster of 3; far left; bottom left in cluster of 3; far right.

The second house was amazing…

And we’ll have to leave it there for now folks. Join me again next time as we conclude the story of the great accommodation race, with a post titled “Zion”.

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  1. >Title for Doctorate. Getting a house to live in at Surrey Uni. Seems like you are acquiring a lot of knowledge. Ireland went well apart from the ‘troubles’ starting up again so there was extra searching of would be air passengers and peace demos and the usual road mending late at night so there were numerous detours through the countryside. Back at home now and settling in to routine again. Hope you get a house soon. Love GA

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